Edgy sophistication by GEORGINE

Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth

Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth

Since 2014 Georgine Ratelbrand’s eponymous label, GEORGINE, has garnered enthusiasm and support from her devoted clients, the US fashion industry, and beyond. With a distinct focus on quality, each collection is a playful mix of classic tailoring that is both sinuous and structured. Bold colors, quirky details, and an undeniably sexy edge are characteristic of Ratelband’s unapologetic take on classic pieces - from suiting to cocktail dresses. Having just launched her F/W 18 collection, we spoke to Georgine about her journey so far, the women she designs for, and plans for the future of the brand.

LM: When did you realize you wanted to be a designer? 

GR: As a child I was always naturally inclined to put an emphasis on style and attention to detail. I was always creating: whether that was drawing, making scrapbooks, moving the furniture in our house, or styling outfits for my mom.  I kind of made my own personal world of self-expression and I did it all for myself. When it was time to select a career, I wasn’t really good at maths, so I decided to invest in a creative career. Ha! 


LM: Where do you find inspiration from?

GR: My clients inspire me! Our work requires us to travel extensively so as you can imagine we get to see a lot [of] the world! It’s an incredible adventure that offers numerous diverse experiences. For example, in a month’s time work can take us from Italy, France, New York, Belgium, Texas, and California.  Though it’s our job, both Chris and I are crazy passionate about what we do and for the most part it just feels like a party you don’t want to end. 

LM: How would you describe the GEORGINE woman and her style? 

GR: The GEORGINE woman is unapologetic and a modern woman with an edgy, yet, sophisticated sensibility.  She is the woman in the room who everyone wants to be.  

LM: Do you have a favorite silhouette/s that represent the GEORGINE style?

GR: Generally we don’t have a specific silhouette because my client is always looking for something new and fresh; however the DNA and the mood of the brand is cohesive and consistent. 


The GEORGINE woman:

The Georgine woman is unapologetic and a modern woman with an edgy, yet, sophisticated sensibility.

LM: Your S/S collection campaign was shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. What is it about Ellen’s visual style that complements the GEORGINE brand and your own creative style?

GR: Ellen was the best for the job and I only want to work with the best, I wouldn’t consider someone for a job based on his or her gender. Collaborating with fellow creative individuals motivates me enormously. The end result can be much more powerful given the perfect storm! Our new Spring Summer 2019 photo shoot is a perfect example of this!  

LM: What does the future hold for you as a designer, and the brand? 

GR: Besides the obvious, like increasing our sales distribution in luxury multi-brand boutiques and department stores, we want to continue growing an amazing team of unique and talented individuals. We would love to one day open up our first GEORGINE Boutique, as well as launch a glasses and accessories line! 

Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth

Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth

Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth

Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth


Interview by Linda Mateljan